Service and Care

At P&M we are keenly aware of, and sensitive to, the human element, as well as the business component of each matter or issue. We take the time to understand you, your business, and your goals so we can develop legal strategies customized to you and your needs, and then help to minimize future problems, and protect and secure your goals, and your budget. We provide personal attention and team work to apply complex and sophisticated legal concepts to meet the diverse and specific needs of our clients in today’s fast-paced business environment and equally fast-changing economic times. We recognize that legal and business issues do not exist in a vacuum; analysis and solutions must fit into your bigger picture to be maximally successful.

P&M endeavors to add value to our clients’ businesses and lives. We are proud of the long-standing client relationships each of us have developed and the personal trust our clients have shown in us and our legal abilities throughout our careers. We guard that trust, and consider it a privilege and the backbone of our practice.

To meet the needs and budgets of certain clients we have developed an out-sourced “in-house general counsel” concept. Rather than trying to select an in-house lawyer with limited or narrow experience and expertise, those who choose our in-house counsel program receive the benefit of a small and efficient legal department that can timely service many of their diverse business and legal needs for a set monthly fee customized to those needs. This program is designed for the business client looking to better organize, control, manage, and budget for diverse and recurring legal issues and needs, and the coordination and review of matters and billings being handled by out-of-state counsel and/or specialty attorneys, all without having to worry about the ever-present running meter. Alternative Fee Arrangements are customized to meet specific needs and requirements on a client-by-client basis.

Our clients range in size from individuals to international entities which include parents, subsidiaries, and affiliates. Large or small, individuals or entities, every client and problem is treated with the same care and attention.