Why We Are

At P&M your matters are always managed from the top. You are never just another file number hustled off to an associate. Steve and Spence stay involved, oversee and manage every matter in our office; large or small, there are no exceptions! Because, until resolved, your problems are our problems, your business is our business, and our success is your success! The more difficult the situation, the more we focus on it. At 5:00 pm you don’t leave your business problems at the office and we don’t leave your business problems at the office either. We take them home…we think of them at night…even when we are off the clock. You might even receive an e-mail in the middle of the night or at 5:00 am…”I thought of a way you can do this…” You won’t see this effort on your bill, but you will see it in the results. We enjoy what we do and are good at what we do. This is what makes us different, this is what makes us successful, and this is why you should contact us.